Emerging retail experience trends


The more people talk about the death of retail, the livelier it seems to be getting. From experimental brick-and-mortar concepts to completely redefined e-commerce experiences, retailers are openly exploring the way we do our searching, selecting, paying and unboxing.

However, what also changes is what we come to expect as customers. What used to be called stand-out qualities are now the industry standard. In stores, Instagram-friendly design, smart lighting or exceptionally personalized service is the norm – and it doesn’t even matter whether you’re selling designer clothes or groceries.

Trend clusters:

01 Retail concept as a manifesto

As global political environment is becoming more and more unstable, both consumers and retailers try to make their choices count. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in brands which share their views on everything from politics to sustainability and harsh to those framing their mistakes as mere missteps.

02 Digital-first goes brick and mortar

In an age when brands promise you drone home delivery and frictionless online experience, why even bother with such an outdated concept as brick-and-mortar? Well, not so fast. Even though physical retail is facing timely challenges and competition that's hard to beat, it has redeemed itself with a new-found relevance with... digital-first brands.

03 Reimagined classic spaces

Retail isn't dying - but bad retail definitely is. As numerous studies show, today physical retail is all about the human connection it creates and the entertainment it provides. No matter whether you own a corner shop or a high-end tech store, a human touch and branded experience is what the customer is expecting.

04 Intimate digital experiences

Fun fact: this part of our report has to do absolutely nothing with collection your personal data, annoying pop-ups or those little chat screens that appear out of nowhere and make you let out a silent "not again". When we're talking about digital experiences, we mean an ability to use digital tools to interact, entertain, educate and even create something new.

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